With two years in development, CMS6 is our current flagship product. CMS6 allows custom creation of media intensive news articles and pages. Additionally, CMS6 supports creating and distributing videos and photo galleries. Our media library, a core part of CMS6, allows users to tag and search videos and photos and easily embed them into news articles and any other page within a site. CMS6 will automatically link or reference related media through our tagging system. Designed with sports teams in mind, CMS6 is an ideal solution for short turn newsrooms.

For Sports League Networks and Teams

Sports Stats

Our Sports Stats solution offers your team or League a fully integrated stats system that is controlled from the web, mobile phone or tablet. Get instant results from your event sent across all web platforms with our easy to use Stats system. Sports Stats 1.0 also provides you with all the historical data formatted in a visually appealing way and the ability to share various aspects of your player, team or League stats across Facebook, Twitter or even integrated TV media centers.

Mobile Portal

Mobile Portal 6 is MRX's easy to use CMS 6 integrated mobile portal. Manage your mobile portal from the web, tablet or smartphone or turn on your automated updates and let the mobile portal grab your top scores, news and video. Supported on Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices.

E-mail Marketing

MRX Email Marketing will help you deliver dynamic, personalized emails with advanced features that segment, track, and optimize your email performance. We also help you optimize every email with proactive deliverability tracking tools and a powerful testing engine. No need to worry about being blacklisted or managing your bouncebacks, our email marketing system monitors that for you.

Mobile Apps

As a leader in Digital Content Solutions, MRX is launching two new tablet / smartphone apps for 2012. Our In Stadium app will drive participation at any event, while offering a unique experience only available to the fans in the stadium. And our out of Stadium app, allows fans to follow the game from home with all the tools needed to complement their viewing experience.

Online Stores

Whether you need a simple off the shelf solution for an e-commerce store or a fully integrated inventory tracking solution; MRX has the software tools you need.


MRX continues to offer development support for clients still using previous versions of our content management systems.